Why Are Siamese Cats Mean

There is no doubt about it, Siamese cats are special. They are well-known for their stunning blue eyes, engaging personalities, and beautiful appearance. These cats have several desirable traits ranging from calmness, affection, and curiosity to how talkative they can be. On the other side of the coin, Siamese cats are also quite notorious for how mean they can be in comparison to other feline breeds.

Sometimes, a Siamese cat will be downright violent which can result in an attack on another cat. The aggressiveness displayed by these pets should not be taken lightly and may be the result of something much deeper going on inside of your cat. In this article, we will try to explain why are Siamese cats mean.

Are Siamese Cats Mean?

Are Siamese Cats Mean

Well, as it turns out, Siamese cats have a much higher level of aggression than most other breeds. This is likely because Siamese cats are demanding. Keep this in mind if you are considering getting one. They make excellent pets but require some maintenance. For example, if you are looking for a cat that will cuddle you and rest in your lap, then you should get something other than a Siamese cat.

If there ever was a breed of cat that could be described as disobedient, the Siamese cat would be it. They have abrasive personalities that usually mean that they are going to get into something and it isn’t going to be pretty. Yes, they are playful, adorable, and cuddly, but not often. The best way to sum up the personality of the average Siamese cat is to point out that they are wound up tight and can spring loose at a moment’s notice. But to answer the question, are Siamese cats mean? you have to take into consideration what tends to provoke them to lash out.

The breed is a needy one where attention is desired at all times. As soon as you relax on the attention you were giving your cat, you may get bitten. You may get tripped by your cat as you walk across the room. Your cat may latch onto you and not leave you alone until you start paying more attention to him or her. Your Siamese cat wants to be the center of your Universe and will not let up until that occurs and remains in place. Expect a bit of work.

Why Are Siamese Cats Mean?

Why Are Siamese Cats Mean

The mean behavior to expect from your Siamese cat can vary but will probably include such things as chewing, growling, hissing, scratching, attacking, and swatting. It may involve combinations of some or all of these things. It may include various other mean-spirited actions not already listed here. They are highly intelligent cats. Expect a new trick every so often to keep you on your toes.

But why do they act so violently? Common sense tells us that bad cat behavior is often linked to an issue of some kind. There may be a health problem. There may be an issue with hormones. Even environmental changes can trigger a Siamese cat to do some pretty wild things.

Narrowing Down The Cause

Narrowing Down The Cause

When figuring out the issue of are Siamese cats mean, you have to take a look at who they behave badly around. If you are the only person that your cat bites or scratches, that should tell you that for some reason, you are the source of that cat’s anger. Sorry about that. However, you will have to figure out whatever it is about you that triggers the mean streak in your cat.

Keep in mind that Siamese cats are not easy to reconcile with so if you did something that really ticked off your cat, you may forever be viewed as someone your cat would rather torment than love. Sounds a bit like normal human relationship problems, doesn’t it?

How To Get Your Cat Back On Simmer

How To Get Your Cat Back On Simmer

There are a few simple steps you can follow to try to train your Siamese cat to not be such a hothead. They include:

Determine The Cause

We’ve already mentioned this. If you happen to be the reason why your cat is so mean, you may have little recourse. However, if there is something else that gets your kitty uptight, then being able to properly identify that will get you closer to solving the problem.

Give Them A Safe Place

A cat with a high-strung personality that gets triggered by something in their home is not going to want to be alone. This means you or a fellow human will have to act as the company to your cat at all times. Since Siamese cats are so needy, expect that cat to follow the human everywhere in the home not letting that person out of their sight. This will tell you that the cat has selected that person as a safe person to be around. This is what you are aiming for to happen.

Learn Their Triggers

Just like in any relationship, marriage, or pet-related, you can avoid a lot of issues once you know the things that send the other off the deep end. This is true with your Siamese cat as well. The important thing to remember is that these triggers are going to change frequently - possibly every single day. We warned you that this was going to take some work.

Isolate When Necessary

Each time your Siamese cat acts mean, you should confine him or her to a separate room or space. This will keep them from harming someone and the isolation will help your cat to feel safe. Monitor frequently and once you are sure that the aggressive behavior trigger is gone, you can welcome your cat back to the rest of your home.

Other Tips For Dealing With A Mean Siamese Cat

Other Tips For Dealing With A Mean Siamese Cat

Here are a few more simple tricks to try to see if they will help calm your Siamese cat:

  • Help your cat to relax by leaving a radio or television on. Or have relaxing music or calming sounds playing inside of the home.
  • Allow your cat to interact with you on his or her terms. Do not force it and let your cat adapt on its own.
  • Introduce your cat to a routine in the house and share it daily. Set boundaries at this point as well.

In Conclusion

Are Siamese cats mean? Damn, right they are. But that’s something to do with their particular breed. You can help your cat to be more relaxed with a few simple tricks. However, if you happen to be the source of your Siamese cat’s anger, you may want to try something else like getting a different breed of cat or moving far, far away from your cat. Seriously, if you are the root of the problem, it won’t be easy to remedy, but it is possible.