10 Best Cat Trees Under $100

Looking for one of the Best Cat Trees Under $100? Then you have landed on the right page! I understand what it is like to have to live with a tight budget. I’ve actually done this for most of my life. However, I still manage to provide for myself and my boys. Hello! I’m Jeanie, and my boys are Roger and Doogle. There was a time where I had just a part-time job and because there wasn’t a lot of cash flow I had to save up for pretty much anything that I wanted. One of the best things I ever saved up for was one of these cat trees for under $100 that you'll see in the below table.

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Don’t let the price fool you, either. They are not cheaply made. They are less expensive simply because they don't have a lot of the extras that appear at higher price ranges. That’s okay, because these affordable options will still give your feline friend tons of fun and stimulation. They are all still well-built, contain the right things to occupy your cat and keep him or her busy for hours.

I know this because both of my cats just love any kind of cat climbing tree because they have no clue about what they are worth. So here's my favorite 10 Best Cat Trees that I'm excited to share with you.

Overview Of My Top 10 Best Cat Trees Under $100

1. Merax Cat House Activity Tree

There is something really unique about this Merax Cat Tree. It happens to be the one that Roger loves the most. When I had one of these in my place he wouldn’t leave it alone. It was as if it called to him and he just couldn't be pulled away from it.

From my point of view I have to admit it may not look all that special but it does serve the purpose and it is a pretty good unit. It is made from Carb-certified board which makes it sturdy and the coverings are made of a skin-friendly material. The bonus here is that as scaled down as this tree may appear, it still has sisal rope which is sort of like cat candy but not in the way that catnip is.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - Merax Cat House Activity Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 22"W x 24"L x 64"H
Material: Carb-Certified Fibre Board, Faux Fur & Sisal Rope
Color: Off-White
Weight: 42 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Great scratching action with all the sisal rope
  • Scratching post can put up with a fair deal of action
  • One of my favorite trees

Doogle Says:

  • The design makes this a suitable tree for kittens to start out on
  • The design makes this also suitable for bigger cats to play on

2. SONGMICS 57" Cat Tree Condo

This is truly where the term cat condo must have originated simply because there is so much in this particular item to keep your cats busy. The Songmics 57" Cat Tree Condo includes a roomy condo and hammock for napping, soft perches with raised edges for cats to rest their heads and gaze at the ceiling.

It’s all made with sturdy Carb-certified natural particle board. I am a huge fan of anything that uses sisal rope and this cat tree condo is no exception. It measures 57.5-inches high with reinforced posts and comes with a 30-month warranty. Once you put this in your home, expect your cat to move right in and take ownership as soon as possible.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - SONGMICS 58-Inch Cat Tree Condo

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 19.7"W x 23.6"L x 57.5"H
Material: Carb-Certified Premium Particle Board, Faux Fur & Sisal Rope, Strengthened Base Plate
Color: Dark Brown & Light Grey
Weight: 40.1 lbs

Roger Says:

  • The sisal rope covered posts are nothing short of divine
  • The hammock can hold big cats, too! (are you listening, Doogle?)

Doogle Says:

  • Roger is right, the hammock can hold him…lol
  • There is a cat condo for hiding, napping or just goofing around
  • Sturdy construction in case your cat(s) tend to jump around a lot

3. SONGMICS 58" Cat Tree Condo Tower

You know, what I like about cat tree manufacturers like Songmics is that when they create a good product, they are not afraid to use that template and add different sizes of the same basic thing. Let’s face it, the 57-inch model (noted here as #2) may not be quite big enough however, this one (the Songmics 58" Model), could be the perfect fit.

All I know is that with the sisal rope scratching posts, cat condo, hammock and sturdy construction, regardless of size, this is a good product. And as it is a Songmics item, this cat tree condo tower includes a 30-month warranty to take care of anything that may pop up soon after your cats start tearing at it.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - SONGMICS 58-Inch Cat Tree Condo Tower

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 27.6"W x 31.5"L x 58.3"H
Material: Carb-Certified Premium Particle Board, Faux Fur & Sisal Rope, Reinforced Posts & Base Plate
Color: Light Grey & Beige
Weight: 34.7 lbs

Roger Says:

  • I’m still impressed with the fact that the hammock can hold Doogle
  • The scratching posts are my favorite part of this activity tree
  • I also like the comfortable platforms

Doogle Says:

  • Roger better watch his back the next time he takes a nap in the cat condo
  • The cat condo will hold both of us, provided Roger didn’t overeat in the morning

4. Go Pet Club 52" Cat Tree

Here is a unique 52" Cat Tree from Go Pet Club that actually has a small footprint but provides plenty of vertical play space for your feline friends. It is covered with faux fur making it soft to touch and comfy for my boys to play on or rest on. The top perch is great for napping and the sisal rope posts are great for scratching. The dangling toys are perfect for burning off all that extra cat-energy.

Strong and sturdy as it is made from compressed wood, the five-tier design is great for households with more than one cat – like mine! There are five sisal rope covered scratching posts and although it has to be assembled, it is easy to put together and provide your cats with hours and hours of playtime and resting time.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 21"W x 21"L x 52"H
Material: Compressed Wood, Faux Fur & Sisal Rope
Color: Dark Brown & Beige
Weight: 23 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Lots of scratching posts covered in sisal rope for excellent claw action
  • Multi levels so I can get away from Doogle if I have to
  • Sturdy construction that can handle two cats jumping around on it

Doogle Says:

  • The faux fur covering on everything makes this a really comfortable cat tree tower
  • The top perch is high enough to provide a great overall view of the room and everything in it

5. FirstWell Cat Tree Condo

This FirstWell Cat Tree Condor Tower measures 38 inches high by 21.5 inches long by 12 inches wide but it is packed with features. Including a total of six scratching posts covered in sisal rope and is suitable for scratching, climbing and whatever else your cat thinks it is good for. The perches are covered in plush material which makes them soft and comfortable to lie on and the main construction is out of eco-friendly boards. Making this overall unit sturdy and stable.

It does need to be assembled but if I can do it with two nosy cats getting in my way, you can do it as well. The instruction manual is easy to understand and the cat tree condo comes with a tool to put it together with.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - FirstWell Cat Tree Condo

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 12"W x 21.5"L x 38"H
Material: Eco-Friendly Fibre Board, Plush, Sisal Rope, Reinforced Base Board
Color: Beige, Blue, Brown, Grey, Paws, Tiger Stripe
Weight: 22 lbs

Roger Says:

  • The scratching posts are my favorite place to play
  • The perches are my second favorite place to play
  • Doogle tends to fall off of the perches

Doogle Says:

  • Roger spends too much time napping and not enough playing
  • This cat tree is made for small and medium cats, which makes me wonder why Roger is on it so often

6. Furhaven Tiger Tough Double Decker Cat Tree

Featuring plush fabric padding, this multi-leveled cat playground from Furhaven has just about everything both of my boys would ever need to keep them occupied when I’m at work (or if I’ve just gone down to the coffee shop for a break). There’s a small and a large cat ‘hangout’ so Roger can have one as well as Doogle.

The scratching posts are covered in natural sisal rope and there’s even three hanging cat toys to encourage scratching and stretching. This unit measures 19.7 inches long by 19.7 inches wide by 69.3 inches tall. It requires assembly but it’s pretty easy to do.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - Furhaven Tiger Touch Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 19.7"W x 19.7"L x 69.3"H
Material: Durable Fibre Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope
Color: Cream, Grey
Weight: 42.2 lbs

Roger Says:

  • There are several cat toys and my favorite happens to be the springy wand
  • I like that there are a number of scratching posts

Doogle Says:

  • The dangly mouse toy is my go-to toy
  • I get a great stretch from the scratching posts
  • There are two cat hangouts so both Roger and I can hide, play, nap or just goof off

7. XtremepowerUS 67" Cat Tree

Here is another good sized cat tree from Xtremepower that is on the affordable end of the pricing scale. This one is 19 inches long by 19 inches wide by 67 inches tall. It features two ladders, a couple of caves and a total of six flat platforms. Everything is covered in a soft faux fur with natural sisal rope wrapped around the scratching posts.

Where this particular style wins me over is that it is designed with several different levels. This gives cats privacy even if there are more than one cat in this cat tree. That may not be an issue with your cat(s) but I know mine need some space at times even though they also happen to be each other’s best friend.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - XtremepowerUS Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 19"W x 19"L x 67"H
Material: Fibre Board, Soft Faux Fur, Sisal Rope
Color: Beige
Weight: 37.1 lbs

Roger Says:

  • There is some truth to that line about cats wanting privacy and this tree gives me a lot when I need it
  • There are many levels and platforms on each to make this a special place for cats
  • The scratching posts are my favorite

Doogle Says:

  • They call them caves but they are really just covered hangouts and I like ‘em
  • The soft fake fur is actually quite comfortable

8. MidWest Curious Cat Cube

I hate to admit this, but according to the manufacturer, the design of this Curious Cat Cube is to play with the instincts of the average cat, which is to play and lounge around. When I put both of my boys in this one, that was exactly what they did. Doogle played and Roger lounged.

It really is a nice little cat retreat which is basically a faux suede covered cube measuring 16.5 inches by 15.5 inches by 15.5 inches. It will hold cats of all sizes and features a cushioned bed topper with stuffed bolsters. Ensuring your cat(s) relax in comfort while still see what’s going on around them. The bedding is made from a synthetic sheepskin and there are cut-outs that provide hours of play time.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - MidWest Curious Cat Cube

Cat Cube Specifications:

Dimensions: 15.5"W x 15.5"L x 16.5"H
Material: Brown Faux Suede, Synthetic Sheepskin, Cushioned Bed Topper, (collapses flat when not in use)
Color: Neutral Brown
Weight: 7.2 lbs

Roger Says:

  • This is one of the most comfortable places I have ever had a nap
  • It is big enough to just about completely fit both of us, but is not really designed for two cats unless they are smaller in size
  • The cut outs are kinda cool

Doogle Says:

  • Roger is right, this is one of the best napping spaces I’ve ever seen or used
  • The cut outs are fun to play hide ‘n’ seek with

9. PawHut 51" Multi-Level Sisal Scratcher Cat Tree

I know that as soon as I say the word elevated condo, it is going to get Roger’s attention. Well, this is pretty much the top of the line best cat tree under $100. In fact, the PawHut Multi-Level Cat Tree has so much going for it that I am still somewhat surprised that it doesn’t cost more than it does.

It is 51 inches tall and has faux fur covering, sisal rope wrapped posts, multiple levels, cubby holes, a dangling mouse and three perches. It’s like a cat jungle gym without the jungle and without most of the gym parts. Well, that is if you don’t count the stretching and scratching as exercise. This one requires assembly but it is fairly simple and can be put together quickly.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - PawHut Multi-Level Sisal Scratcher Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 28.5"W x 30.5"L x 50.25"H
Material: Extra Thick Particle Board, Faux Fur, Sisal Rope
Color: Beige
Weight: 49 lbs

Roger Says:

  • I don’t get the dangly fake mouse thing. We know it’s not real.
  • The top perch is very comfortable and at the right height to see everything from
  • The sisal rope covered posts (all six of them) are great for scratching

Doogle Says:

  • As much as Roger loves the top perch, I prefer the twin-perch level instead
  • The cubby holes aka condo caves are kinda cool

10. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

This is a rather unique cat activity tree from the Amazon Basics range, because the scratching posts are covered in jute. In fact, all three of the posts are. It is designed as a double platform apparatus with a round top platform with rims around it making a perfect spot for napping. The square base is stable and sturdy, made from MDF, so you can place this cat tree easily in a corner of any room. The carpeting on the other parts of it is strong and won’t tear apart.

This entire unit measures 15.7 inch long by 15.7 inches wide by 31.5 inches high. It needs to be screwed together but it is easy to do as there is an instruction sheet and tools included.

Best Cat Tree Under $100 - Amazon Basics Cat Tree With Jute Scratching Posts

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 15.7"W x 15.7"L x 31.5"H
Material: MDF, Carpet, Scratching Posts Wrapped In Jute, Cardboard Tubes
Color: Beige
Weight: 16.9 lbs

Roger Says:

  • The stability of this tree makes it great for cat jumpers like me
  • The jute covered scratching posts are interesting and fun to claw at
  • The round top platform is a neat place to nap

Doogle Says:

  • I like how this cat activity tree can stand in a corner of a room
  • The carpet is soft and comfy

10 Best Cat Trees Under $100 Conclusion

What can I say? Even the cat activity trees that are priced on the low end of the scale are pretty awesome even compared to the more expensive varieties. Yes, some are what you may consider as really basic but depending on your needs and the activity level of your cat(s) you may just find that a model with less on it will still keep your feline friend busy for hours. There are also some models here that I can’t believe are so affordable based on all of the gadgets and do-dads they contain.

Essentially, all you really need is a multi-leveled structure that is strong and stable. It should have scratching posts covered in something and there should be platforms also with a covering. Other than that, you should be okay. As I’ve noted before, it is always a good idea to take your cat(s) with you to try any of these out first as your fur baby will be able to tell you exactly what works for them. I did that with Roger and Doogle and got them one of the Best Cat Trees Under $100 they liked the most. You will be able to do the same as well. I hope we’ve helped you. Good luck and enjoy!

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.

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