Silly Games For Cats To Play

Playing with my cats is not just fun. It gives both of my boys mental stimulation and even some exercise. Both of these help to keep them happy and healthy. Playing games also keeps our bond in place and sometimes strengthens it. We learn to trust each other and also get to share some affection. Between the two of them – Roger and Doogle – we have ‘invented’ a number of fun games that we will play every so often.

I try to limit the amount of time spent playing but every so often there are times when I just let them go at it as the boys just need to burn off excess energy and let loose. If you are struggling to come up with games for cats to play, I'm going to share with you some of the ones we play the most in our home.

4 Silly Games For Cats To Play

1. The Ping Pong Ball Game

The Ping Pong Ball Game

Roger calls this game ‘Meow!” and I think that’s because it is so easy to play. All you need is a ping pong ball. These little hollow balls have a great deal of bounce to them if you bounce it off of a floor. What we will do is I’ll bounce it off the bottom of the wall so that it hits the floor and bounces away from the wall. This creates something that the cats can chase and jump at.

If you get good at throwing it, you can actually toss two ping pong balls at a time. Normally I don’t have to throw them often as the boys will bat the ball around the apartment and chase it after it bounces off of furniture and other solid surfaces.

2. The Ball Of Crumpled Paper Game

The Ball Of Crumpled Paper Game

This is pretty much a variation of the Ping Pong Ball Game minus the ping pong ball. All you need to do is crumple up a piece of paper into the shape of a ball. Then toss it in the air and watch your cat go nuts. My boys will pounce on this ball of paper simply because it will make a crunchy noise and will change shape. Roger likes to chew on it at times and Doogle will bat it around like a soccer ball. Both will play with this crumpled ball of paper for as long as I leave it in the room with them.

3. The Moving Thing Under The Blanket Game

The Moving Thing Under The Blanket Game

I like this game myself and Roger calls it “Meow!” as well. All I do is when I cover myself up on the couch with a blanket or get into bed I’ll take one of the small stuffed animals I have and put it under the blanket. When neither of the boys are looking I’ll wiggle the stuffed animal under the blanket. This shakes the blanket and appears as if something is alive underneath it.

This game drives Roger wild as he will try his best to jam his head under the blanket where there is just a fold to see what is making all the movement. After awhile I’ll pull out the stuffed animal and toss it across the room for the boys to ‘kill’ in order to save me.

4. The Poking You When You Are Not Looking Game

The Poking You When You Are Not Looking Game

This is a simple one that is pretty much self-explanatory. When either of the boys are sitting with me and not looking directly at me, I’ll give them a gentle poke in the ribs or on their back. We’ll do this for a few times until one of them either leaves or rolls over for a tummy rub. There are times when I’ll use a long handled implement to ‘poke’ one of the boys if they are outside of my arm range. Either way, we all get a laugh out of doing this.

Create More Fun Games For Cats To Play

As you can tell, we keep it pretty simple in our apartment. The games we play do not require expensive tools or appliances. That’s because cats don’t seem to care about that sort of thing. For most of us cat owners, that is great news and gives us the ability to ‘invent’ games with common, everyday items we already have around our homes.

As for Roger and Doogle, we play a fair deal before bedtime and that seems to work out well for us. You may find a better time or different time that fits your household and lifestyle better. Regardless, these silly games for cats to play will make you a better cat owner and be adored by them.

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.

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