10 Best Cat Trees $100-$200

Welcome back! I’m Jeanie. Some people call me the Crazy Kitty Lady and I’m fine with that. This time around I’m going to show you the top ten best cat trees $100-$200 price range. If you want to skip ahead, feel free to use the table below to go directly to product on Amazon. Otherwise, sit back and continue reading.

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While I would love to say these were selected by me, they actually weren’t. Each of these cat activity trees was home-tested with my two cats, Roger and Doogle. Both have very different tastes when it comes to pet playthings so I thought between the two of them I’d be able to give you a good idea of what to look for and what makes each of these cat trees so special. So, let’s jump right into it now.

Overview Of My Top 10 Best Cat Trees $100-$200

1. SONGMICS 67" Multi-Level Cat Tree

This Songmics Multi-Level Cat Tree is truly the cat’s meow! It’s a multi-level playhouse that provides a whole lot of entertainment for both you and your cat(s). There are 2 large condos which are ideal for napping, three perches with plush coverings and raised edges. So your feline friends can rest their heads and still keep an eye on the rest of the room. A sisal-covered slope adds to the access and fun from one level to the next.

Plus, there are sisal-covered scratching posts and the natural particle board construction keeps everything stable and solid. The manufacturer adds a 30-month warranty as well!

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - Songmics 67-Inch Multi Level Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 21.6"W x 23.6"L x 67"H
Material: Carb-Certified Natural Particle Board, Faux Fur, Sisal Rope, Anti-Toppling Fittings & Extra Baton Strengthening
Color: Light Grey & Dark Grey
Weight: 60 lbs

Roger Says:

  • My kinda kitty playhouse!
  • The napping rooms are big enough for a large cat to stretch out and get a great nap
  • The scratching posts are tall enough to give a great stretch and are covered in material that feels good to claw at

Doogle Says:

  • Levels aren't that hard to jump from one to the other, giving additional exercise
  • The complete unit is solid and barely moves when I'm busy with a scratching post and Doogle is hopping around chasing flies

2. Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree

There’s an interesting mixture of elements in this particular piece called the Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree. It’s made from high quality MDF that was manufactured from New Zealand pine. The design is sturdy with solid construction. The scratching surfaces and cushion can be removed for cleaning or replacement and the edges and corners are mostly rounded to be safe, fun and generally enhance the play time your cat(s) will experience.

What I like most about this particular product is that is happens to be easy to put together and install. I don’t want something that looks complicated to actually be complicated to piece together. The dimensions of this product are 47.9 inches high with a base that measures 22.1 inches by 22.1 inches. It’s just like the manufacturer says, this piece is elegant, yet practical.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 22.1"W x 22.1"L x 47.9"H
Material: High Quality MDF New Zealand Pine, Memory Foam Cushions, Scratching Mat
Color: Walnut & Black
Weight: 40.5 lbs

Roger Says:

  • It comes complete with a cube cave for tons of play time
  • The cushions are made from soft memory foam so they are comfy and easy to get curled up on

Doogle Says:

  • This is a great way to keep your cat occupied or to give them a cool place to rest
  • There are removable scratching surfaces which can be replaced with new ones if needed

3. SONGMICS 69" Multi Level Cat Tree With Feeder Bowl

This is most definitely an all-in-one type cat tree. If you are just starting to share your life with a cat, then the SONGMICS 69"Multi Level Cat Tree with Feeder Bowl will give you just about all you need minus the cat box. Plus, this is suitable for kittens and cats.

Some of the features include sisal-covered scratching posts, a hammock, a basket, a condo and a feeder bowl. Made from high quality particle board, this product is strong and sturdy. It stands 68.5 inches high with 36.2 length and a width of 35.4 inches. So you’ll need some room to fit this one but it’ll be worth the effort.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - Songmics 69-Inch Multi Level Cat Tree With Feeder Bowl

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 35.4"W x 36.2"L x 68.5"H
Material: High Quality Carb-Certified Particle Board, Sisal Rope, Faux Fur
Color: Smokey Grey & Light Grey
Weight: 52 lbs

Roger Says:

  • A luxury top perch with raised edges is perfect for a cat nap
  • The sisal-covered scratching posts are reinforced for serious clawing and scratching and stretching

Doogle Says:

  • Different levels promote jumping around exercises
  • Solid construction keeps everything stable and won’t tip over
  • There’s enough to do here that even the neighbor’s cat can come over and play

4. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Playplace Cat Hammocks Wall Tree

Aside from the fact that there is no denying that this is a Deluxe Cat Playplace with Hammocks, what I love most about this product is the name of the manufacturer! If I had been thinking straight when I launched this website I would have tried to get some kind of cat-themed play on words as an internet website domain. Alas, I didn’t so the fine folks at CatastrophiCreations get kudos from me.

But what about the deluxe playplace? It’s freakin’ awesome to say the least. There’s a ladder, sisal-lined tunnels, several levels and fabric hammocks that can hold up to 62 pounds. The solid wood construction keeps this extremely stable and solid. It measures 45 inches tall by 52 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Tree Playplace

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 52"W x 11"D x 45"H
Material: Wood Panels, Steel Brackets, Fabric Hammocks
Color: English Chestnut
Weight: 13 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Well-built and stable enough to jump and leap all over
  • It’s dog-free thanks to the ladder and sisal hole entrance

Doogle Says:

  • For a physical and mental workout, this is the unit for your cat(s)
  • Top level is high enough to give a great lookout for the curious cat in your house
  • Solid construction can easily handle multiple cats climbing, running and playing on it

5. Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Made from pressed wood and covered with faux fleece, this is one cat tree that gets attention in our house just by being in the right place. The Armarkat Cat Tree will hold a combined weight of 60 pounds so both Roger and Doogle get to share it whenever they want to. The colour is ivory so it fits into most any room décor and as an added bonus, the entire unit is easy to assemble with simple instructions included in case you need some prompting. The overall dimensions are 36 inches long by 31 inches wide by 77 inches high.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - Armarkat Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 31"W x 36"L x 77"H
Material: Pressed Wood, Faux Fleece
Color: Ivory
Weight: 63 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Solid enough to hold a couple of big cats or a handful of little kittens
  • The faux fleece covering material is soft and comfy

Doogle Says:

  • There are a lot of fun places to hide or hang out on this cat tree
  • The construction is sturdy and sits solid on the floor
  • The levels are easy to hop from one to another with ease

6. Go Pet Club Huge 87.5" Cat Tree Condo

If you thought we’ve covered the ‘big ones’ already, you would be mistaken. This 87.5" Cat Tree Condo from Go Pet Club is a monster but it has to be simply because of all the extras it has. Your cat(s) will never get bored if they spend any amount of time on this cat tree condo.

The posts are all covered in natural sisal rope for great scratching action and everything is covered in faux fur for comfort. The board material is pressed board which gives it strength and durability. Plus, this massive, giant unit is easy to assemble. The measurements are an impressive 87.5 inches tall by 23.5 inches wide and 42 inches long.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - Go Pet Club 87.5-Inch Huge Cat Tree Condo

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 23.5"W x 42"L x 87.5"H
Material: Pressed Wood Board Material, Faux Fleece, Sisal Rope
Color: Brown/Beige
Weight: 120 lbs

Roger Says:

  • There are three big condo houses, 2 smaller ones, 2 top perches a couple of tunnels and a ladder. What else do you need when you’re a cat to stay occupied on a rainy day?
  • The big condo houses are roomy enough for both Doogle and I to fit into and nap
  • The top perches are way, way up there

Doogle Says:

  • Nice clawing and stretching available from the posts covered in sisal rope
  • Easy to hop around from place to place if you are into chasing another cat around a tree condo

7. Merry Products Modern Folding Cat Tree

Who said a cat tree couldn’t be foldable? I know I didn’t and that’s why this Modern Folding Cat Tree from Merry Products is on my list. It’s just an obvious evolution of a product that I’m sure sometimes the odd cat owner wishes was foldable.

This product is easy to put together and after you get it all built, you can fold it down to a flat size for storage or transportation. Aside from that, this is a multi-level tree with shelving that is completely carpeted. That not only provides stability but it gives your cat(s) plenty of surfaces to scratch and claw and rub against.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - Merry Products Modern Folding Cat Tree

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 23.5"W x 42"L x 87.5"H
Material: High Quality MDF, Carpeted Shelves
Color: White
Weight: 34.2 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Many different levels makes a happy cat
  • It is easy to move around from room to room, if needed

Doogle Says:

  • Great layout with large enough carpeted platforms for big stretches and tons of scratching action
  • Made from Canadian Hemlock which makes this a solid and sturdy unit
  • Has a total of four platform levels perfect for napping

8. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower With 4 Perches

Built with solid wood and featuring unoiled sisal rope on the scratching posts this Large Cat Tower with 4 Perches is aweseome. Add in household grade carpeting, this is pretty much a high class hang out for any special kitty or cat in your life. This unit is big and strong and sturdy enough to handle a household with more than one cat (like mine!) or for larger cats.

It’s easy to put together and your cat(s) will love it as soon as they sink they claws into the sisal. This cat tower measures 24 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 65 inches tall.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - New Cat Condos Large Cat Tree Tower

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 24"W x 20"L x 65"H
Material: Solid Wood For Sturdiness, Household Grade Carpet, Unoiled Sisal Rope,
Color: Beige, Brown & Neutral
Weight: 55 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Yawn! Lots of great places to nap, sleep or groom
  • Big enough to hold more than just one cat or even just a couple of big fat cats

Doogle Says:

  • The highest point of this cat tower is a great place to hide or nap out of view of everyone else in the house
  • Nice and solid and stable for jumping around or just climbing
  • The unoiled sisal rope allows for deep scratching and claw massaging

9. CatHaven Cat Tree-Like Condo

Where this particular cat condo goes beyond most of the others on this list is that each and every perch is adjustable and you can swivel and secure them in many different positions. Also, this happens to be the only Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree on my list of the top ten. This cat tree condo will hold cats weighing up to 32 pounds so you know it is solid.

Plus, I was able to put this completely together in 17 minutes. The instructions claim it will take you just 15 minutes and I could have reached that mark if I didn’t have to keep shooing Doogle away from the unfinished product. The tallest part of this playplace is five feet high and it has a square base covered in artificial turf, three different sized carpeted perches and plenty of places for your kitty or cat to climb, stretch or scratch.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - CatHaven Cat Tree Like Condo

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 24"W x 24"L x 60"H
Material: Artificial Turf, Carpeted Shelves
Color: Natural Tree Like Appearance
Weight: 30 lbs

Roger Says:

  • Nice soft material on everything makes this a joy to play and nap on
  • The adjustable perches are fun and funny
  • It’s purr-fect for jumping and climbing

Doogle Says:

  • I’m fond of the top perch as it is pretty high
  • I like that I can play around on this thing in the safety and security of our home

10. PawHut 9.5' Floor to Ceiling Adjustable Cat Tree Tower

Think your cat(s) have you climbing the walls? Well, with this nifty Adjustable Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Tower from PawHut will give your feline friends all the exercise they need. Made from steel tubing, polyester fabrics and chipboard, this adjustable wall unit is solid and has all the bases covered.

There is a floor to ceiling tension setting which keeps everything stable and in place and spring-loaded brackets make this easy to move. It measures 30.25 inches wide by 12 inches deep and adjusts from 89 inches tall to 114.75 inches tall. Assembly is easy and all you need to do build it, comes with the packaging.

Best Cat Tree $100-$200 - PawHaven Adjustable Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree Tower

Cat Tree Specifications:

Dimensions: 30.25"W x 12"D x 114.75"H
Material: Steel Tubing, Polyester Fabrics, Chipboard
Color: Brown Board with Steel Frame
Weight: 41 lbs

Roger Says:

  • With four movable perches and a hammock, there’s plenty of places for quality cat naps
  • The cat perches are covered in soft plush making them very, very comfortable

Doogle Says:

  • Cats weighing over 11 pounds may have difficulty as that is the maximum platform weight
  • There are several ways this unit can be organized which keeps it interesting over time
  • A perch up high keeps even the shiest of cats entertained with a place to ‘hide’ and spy on things

10 Best Cat Trees $100-$200 Conclusion

Well, there you have it. There is an impressive selection of cat trees in the price range between $100 and $200. In fact, when I started researching this for a different project, I couldn't believe the volume of products that fell into this price range. Essentially what you have are a number of solid choices here. Before you pick one it is always a good idea to measure the location you plan to use for the cat activity centre. This gives you a much better idea of what size your house or condo or apartment can actually accommodate for your cat(s).

Keep in mind that when you purchase one of these items that you are doing it as much for you as you are doing it for your feline friend. The more you can entertain your cat(s) with something like an activity tree, the less time they spend hounding you for attention. Mind you, that’s never an issue in my house as I love to spoil my boys will all the attention they require. However, I do need a break, too!

Both Roger and Doogle have more than one of these at home and I can assure you that even the most uninterested cat in your household (are you listening, Roger?) will find something interesting about a cat activity tree. Thanks for checking out my top 10 Best Cat Trees $100-$200, I hope one of these becomes your fur babies new favorite playhouse!

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.

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