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You’ve heard the one about the ‘crazy cat lady’ who lives down the street, right? Well, I think I’m her. While I don’t currently have a house full of cats, I do volunteer at the local animal shelter and that gets me up close and personal with oodles of kittens and cats.

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Jeanie and when I’m not volunteering my time I’m at work. I’m a part-time elementary school teacher hoping to find a full-time gig in the future. But until then, I’m happy just doing what I can to mold the young minds I have access to. Most of them already know I’m a cat fancier and sometimes I’ll take one of my boys to class with me.

I’m not married and the boys I’m talking about are two rescue cats I have had for a few years now. Roger is the oldest and I’ve had him the longest. He’s more curious than Doogle, my other cat. Roger tends to get into all kinds of trouble even if I scold him and confine him to the catio outside.

Jeanie, Doogle & Roger - Top Cat Condo

Doogle I’ve had for about two years now. He’s a lot more playful and tolerant of the kids when I take him to school with me. Doogle will let me dress him up in all kinds of cat costumes which I have done on many occasions. Roger isn’t into that. It’s as if he finds it silly.

Both of the boys are probably close to the same age. I figure each is about 5 or 6 human years old. Me, I’m in my late 20’s. I’m single and looking. I thought I’d just slip that in there just in case you like cats…lol

How I Got Started With TopCatCondo.com

I was inspired by one of the other volunteers at the animal shelter. It goes back to about when I took Doogle home for the first time. I needed something to keep him occupied as he got accustomed to his new surroundings (and Roger).

Well the month before, the animal shelter received a large cash donation to be used on cat toys. I was chosen to be the person to investigate the best way to spend this money and get as much cat toys and playthings as possible. So I did some homework. I even got the kids at the school involved.

What we ended up doing was putting together a class project teaching the kids about budgets, spending and getting value for your money. The items we selected to shop for were cat toys and accessories. I knew that would keep the kids interested and it helped me with the task I was given at the animal shelter.

Well, long story short, we discovered a large number of different cat toys that I had never seen before. They included all the typical toys, cat scratching poles and cat trees. Who knew? The class project was a hit and I also impressed the charity that runs the animal shelter with my research and recommendations. It was then that one of the volunteers suggested I put all of my research online and expand it into a full-blown cat accessory site.

And that is how TopCatCondo.com was born.

Doogle loves his cat tree condo. Roger just sniffs at it. Did I mention that I’m single and looking? I don’t want to forget to include that, you know, just in case there’s someone out there looking for an organized, career-minded, volunteer who happens to like cats. I’m just putting it out there.

Enjoy The Site!

So welcome to my website. In it you will find a number of reviews and features on various cat accessories with a focus primarily on cat tree condos and related playthings. I am a firm believer that your cats need stimulation in order to keep them happy and that is why I keep bringing home new things for Roger and Doogle. Even if Roger ignores them most of the time.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you find here and if there is something you think I should add or review, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also love to hear about your kittens and cats. I’m Jeanie and you can reach out to me by visiting my Contact Us page here.

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