How To Be A Good Cat Owner

If you were to ask either of my cats, and provided they could actually talk to you. They would both rave about how well they get treated in the apartment we share. I’m sure you would not hear a complaint or anything negative. That’s because I do a lot to take care of them as I do see my responsibility as a cat owner as a big deal.

If you own one or more cats, you do have a big job on your hands. As independent as cats are, they still depend on us humans for a number of things to keep them safe, happy and healthy. I have followed a number of tips on how to be a good cat owner and will share them with you.

5 Easy Cat Owner Tips

1. If At All Possible, Keep Your Cat Indoors

Roger is the one I usually have to keep more occupied than Doogle when it comes to their living space. Cats typically like to roam but raising my boys as indoor cats has more or less removed that from their daily routine. I do this by providing them with a lot of toys, places to hide and play. And cat condos and trees to keep them occupied. Plus, when your cat(s) live indoors exclusively they live longer.

That’s because the risk of disease, fights and accidents drops dramatically when they don’t get the opportunity to get into trouble outside.

2. Leave A Clean Litterbox At All Times

You ever find yourself in need for a bathroom break and the only public toilet you can find is clogged? Yuck! Well, this is pretty much the same situation for your cat if you let the litterbox get filled. Sure, with two cats in my house I have to stay on top of keeping their litterbox clean but it is worth it.

A cat that can’t find a spot to use in a litterbox will find somewhere else to do its business. This can be an expensive carpet or pair of shoes. Trust me, you don’t want to find anything in your best pair of pumps as you rush to get out the door for work.

3. Go To The Vet On A Regular Basis

This is a lot like getting the oil changed in your car frequently. The routine of regular maintenance on your vehicle keeps it running in good condition. The same thing can be said about taking your cat to see the vet regularly. At first, both of my boys were not too keen on the idea.

Now they look forward to seeing their friends in the vet office and always get to experience new sights, sounds and smells. Roger particularly likes the vet’s assistant as she will rub under his chin in such a way that he can’t resist and will do whatever she asks of him.

4. Remember To Play And Have Fun

Cats are curious, playful and just great companions to have around. But in order for them to give you the comforts one expects from having a pet, you have to spend time with them. I love coming home from a day at the elementary school I work at as a part-time teacher. That’s because I get greeted by two happy cats that will follow me around the apartment to tell me about their day. Usually I’ll draw a hot bath and the two boys will sit near the tub and fall asleep as I relax and read a book. Before preparing dinner for the three of us.

5. Keep Them Fed Well And With The Right Foods

I’m a real stickler when it comes to the diet my cats are on. While I will pay particular attention to the labels on the food packaging I serve – and I do switch it up between wet and dry food and different flavours.

I am very careful not to feed either Roger or Doogle things they should not be eating. I also do not give them food scraps from my dinner table. However, I have a couple of recipe books on healthy treats that I can make in the kitchen using ‘people food’. And I restrict how often I will give them any of these items as well.

If Your Cat Is Happy, You Are Doing A Good Job

There is one easy way to tell whether or not you are actually doing a good job as a cat owner. If your cat is happy, can’t wait to see you and spends a great deal of time with you, you will know that you've nailed how to be a good cat owner. It is easy to do when you know what to do!

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.

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