Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats Buyers Guide

Cheap cat trees for large cats can be more challenging to find than other types of cat trees. This is because you need to balance affordability with quality.

If you’re a multiple-cat owner like I am, you’ll take a deal anywhere you can get it. But that doesn’t mean you are willing to sacrifice quality for it. There’s almost an art to finding the best tall cat trees for large cats that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Thankfully, it’s possible to find high quality cat trees that fall in a decent price range. I’ve found my top four favorites that I want to share with you today. There’s also a few tips and tricks of caring for large cats and finding the best cat condo for them possible, that I’ll share later on.

If your furry friend is large and in charge, give him something that he can really get his claws into. His happiness is worth every single dollar!

Top 4 Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Choice

1. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats - Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Why this is our top choice:

  • This tree has the largest number of features and diverse play opportunities for the price when compared to similar brands or sizes of cat condos.
  • It is made by one of the leading cat tree manufacturers and is double reinforced for large cats.
  • This cat condo is one of the cheapest brand-name cat trees for large cats on the market.
  • Assembly is easy and can be completed in 30 minutes or less!

Check it out on Amazon!

Those of you who have been fans of my site for a while will know how much I love Go Pet Club. All of their products are made in good quality and for affordable prices. So if you’re looking for something that is sturdy enough to handle your larger cats, you can start with something like this.

The plush fur lining is so soft that I wish I could fit on this cat condo tree!

There are a multitude of things for your furry friends to play with: baskets, hammocks, ladders, platforms, beds, caves, and lots of sisal-covered poles! Another thing I like about the poles is that they are thicker in diameter than most other cat furniture for large cats, making it a decent all-around deal.


  • There are different levels for your cat to climb on, as well as different types of layers to give your pet a diverse stimulation.
  • The sturdy wooden base and thick poles running up the top make it a really sturdy choice for larger cats who like to play.
  • The posts are covered with sisal rope, which encourage your cat to scratch them instead of your expensive furniture!
  • This is one of the cheapest cat trees for large cats on the market today, and definitely the cheapest one on our list.


  • The hammock at the bottom is only attached with a flimsy hook, and a lot of heavier cats can cause it to break.

2. Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree

Another affordable choice for your fluffy friend, the Armarkat 57-inch cat tree is a good size for smaller apartments. There is still plenty of room for your larger kitty to play. Especially since the platforms are widened and reinforced with an edge so they don’t fall off while napping.

I like how long-lasting it can be with the materials that don’t succumb to quick wear and tear under your cat’s claws.

Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats - Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree

Your kitty can really do a number on cat activity trees like this. It’s secure enough to handle getting beaten up by your playful pet every night.

There are also lots of wide open spaces for your loved one to take a midday nap. My cats love to play with little bursts of energy, then in the next minute they are fast asleep. In the blink of an eye, they’re back at the action again and the cat tree house is still standing!


  • It is big enough to provide plenty of space for your large cat but small enough to fit easily in the corner of your apartment or your small bedroom.
  • The carpeting is more delicate and less plush, making it ultra soft for big kitty enjoyment.
  • Assembly is easy and there are included instructions as well as access to customer service by the manufacturer.


  • The hanging toy is not always necessary and can pose a hazard for cats that like to jump.

3. FurHaven Pet Cat Tree For Cats & Kittens

This is a Tiger Tough product that is built to last, and it’s one of the sleekest cat trees that doesn’t sacrifice stability. This is one of those tall cat trees for large cats that doesn’t skimp on protection.

It is reinforced at the top and bottom and has lots of different platforms and levels of play. It has more surface than some of the other models made by this and similar brands.

Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats - FurHaven Pet Cat Tree For Cats & Kittens

Plus, it is another one of the cheapest cat trees on our list.

The plush fur lining is ultra soft and offers a ladder with two cat houses for those who cuddle (and those who don’t). It has lots of dangling ropes and toys, as well as boxes to hide in and ladders to climb.

I’d say it comes pretty close to heaven on earth for your friendly felines!


  • The sisal rope is biodegradable, making this cat tree both long-lasting and earth-friendly.
  • There are just as many spaces for your cat to lounge as there are for him to play.
  • It is a good choice for both older large cats and larger kittens who need space to play without tearing up the rest of your home.
  • There are seven different color options available as well as some customizable parts to it.


  • The surfaces on the very top platforms aren’t as wide as they might need to be to accommodate larger cats.

4. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo With Scratching Posts

This is one of the most comfortable-looking small cat trees for large cats. And while it isn’t really that small, it is slim enough to easily fit in a corner of a room without taking too much space. Although, it still offers plenty of space for your furry friend to play or relax.

Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats - BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

In fact, it can fit multiple cats at once. My cats love to be on the tree together, although they still like to have their own space at times. A tree like this can give them both.

Your furry friend might enjoy the sturdiness of the tree when they run and jump and climb on it. It will keep steady with a solid base when your cats try to play on it. Plus, it is highly affordable without sacrificing the quality of materials.


  • The thick plush lining and sleek design make it an attractive addition to your furniture, rather than something ugly that sticks out like a sore thumb.
  • There is a wall anchor strap that comes with the cat condo, so you can secure it for extra durability when your cats play on it.
  • There are a number of cubbies and interactive toys so your cat can feel like they are in their very own private jungle!
  • The length of the platforms and caves are extended so larger and heavier cats can easily relax anywhere on the tree.


  • The poles are a bit on the skinny side and might need to be reinforced with new sisal rope over time.

Knowing The Difference Between Cheap And “Cheap”

Now that you’ve gotten a good look at what some of the cheap cat trees for large cats look like, it’s important to distinguish one thing: cheap vs. “cheap”.

You want something that is affordable. Yet you shouldn’t have to settle for something made with bad materials that will fall apart on you after a short amount of time. Your kitties deserve better than that and so does your bank account!

Taking things literally, WordReference talks about the difference between cheap and inexpensive. Really, it comes down to a matter of quality. You should search for something that is affordable but still made with materials you can rely on.

The word “cheap” can be used colloquially to mean something that is of poor quality. When we look for cheap cat trees, we still want something that will hold up and stand the test of time. It’s possible to find products that offer everything you want with a price point that’s good. That is why I found it important to talk about some of my top favorites that match this description.

But if you suddenly find yourself in the market for prioritizing quality over affordability, you can check out Life Hacker’s tips to buying quality without having to save money.

Affordable Features You Can Add To Your Cat Condo

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to buy the cheapest cat tree possible due to your budget, there are still ways that you can improve on it once you bring it home. As my grandparents used to say, “There’s nothing a little DIY can’t fix!”

One of the biggest complaints that pet owners have with cheaply made cat trees is that they just aren’t sturdy enough to support larger kitties. Small cat trees for large cats can be made possible by screwing some of the platforms into the wall. While some cat trees do come with these attachments (check out #4 on our list!), you can fashion them yourself as well.

It’s important to secure the cat tree either to the floor, wall, or ceiling to provide extra support for your kitty. Not only is it annoying for your cat to have to climb on something wobbly, but it can be dangerous too.

Want to add a more artistic flair to your cat condo? Try adding branches! The Spruce Pets gives an excellent guide on adding leaves and branches to your cat tree to make it look more natural. It can also blend in better with the rest of your furniture. This is especially true if you’re a contemporary art fan, and you like having a modern and simplistic home.

You can find cat-friendly leaves and branches, either real or fake, and incorporate it as part of the condo. You can even add a few toys or dangling ropes for your cat to have extra fun with!

The Best Way To Play With Your Cat At Mealtime

Some people with larger cats have to put their furry friends on a meal plan to encourage them to get the proper amount of exercise. This isn’t to say that large cats are overweight. But they need to be given special attention so their needs as large cats are taken seriously.

One of my cats has gained some weight over the years, and I wanted to establish a routine with her to get her to play at mealtime. That way, she can look forward to her meals as the most fun part of the day.

And I’ll admit, it’s my favorite part of the day too.

One thing I’ve noticed about felines is that they love the hunt. Not just the act of hunting, but the feeling of success and domination that comes with it. They love to find something to assert their dominance over, even if they are innocent little fluff balls.

I get my cat excited for her meal by getting out her favorite toy. I wave it around and let her play with it for about ten minutes until she gets tired. She’ll bat at the toy for a while, attack it with her mouth and back feet, and then get tired.

I repeat this routine several times before she is ready to eat her meal. She will feel like she has successfully “killed” her prey by attacking the toy so much, and the food is her reward.

My Favorite Affordable Cat Tree Brands For Large Cats

There are a number of decent cat tree brands that make small cat trees for large cats. I’ve discussed some of my favorite brands that make the best short or tall cat trees for large cats, but those who are affordable yet high-quality deserve to be mentioned more than once. Here are a few of my favorites:

Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club specializes in manufacturing toys and products for cats and dogs. I am particularly fond of their cheap cat trees for large cats due to their stability and lifetime guarantee. It is one of the largest companies that has a private label and custom manufacturing available for all pet parents. Their trees have never let me down in the past, and they continue to make solid - yet affordable - cat condos.


Armakat is one of the few companies that focuses exclusively on cat trees. Each condo is made with top-quality materials and construction, but none of the products are outrageously expensive. The company operates internationally with locations in the United States, China and Europe.


FurHaven is a 15-year-old company that creates pet beds and cat condos out of Washington in the United States. FurHaven’s products are really diverse to suit the personalities, behaviors and lifestyles of all types of furry friends. Each pet product matches a series of high standards set by the company that makes each item appealing on a global scale.


BEWISHOME is not exclusively a pet products company. They manufacture a wide variety of home and office products, as well as pet supplies, of course. Each of their products are unique and quality in shape and style. The company was started by a group of individuals who specialize in furnishing products.

Paws & Pals

Paws & Pals is run by a group of passionate manufacturers who love to make pets happy. They make a number of products including pet beds and cat trees. Each item is made with premiere-quality materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s a good company for unique finds and trustworthy results.

Common Cat Tree FAQs

Cat condos can be found in almost every local pet store, but that doesn’t mean everyone truly knows what they do or how they work. I wanted to jot down some of the most common questions I heard being asked about cat condos.

1. Can cats climb up and down their trees easily?

High-quality cat condos provide ample space for cats to easily ascend and descend from their cat condos. This is usually made easier in the form of plush ladders or ramps that aren’t too steep for your cat to access. Cats are natural climbers, and in nature they are built to climb trees and crawl up branches. They are incredible jumpers and have an acute eye for balance. They will always climb and grip their surroundings accurately, as long as they have the right platform to grab ahold of.

2. Can you reupholster cat condos?

It depends on where you purchased your cat condo and how high quality it is. Most good quality cat trees are made with plush lining that is either glued or stapled to the reinforced wooden structure underneath. So it may be difficult to remove. However, if you are investing in a DIY project or you want to redo the cat tree’s look, there are ways to get it done. You can pull up the carpet and then re-glue or re-staple the fabric you desire.

3. How do you disinfect a cat tree?

Most vacuum cleaners come with a carpet brush attachment. This is a useful tool for getting rid of dirt and dust on the cat tree. If you are dealing more with stains and grime, you can use carpet disinfectant or carpet shampoo. Ultimately it depends on the material that your cat’s tree is covered with. If it’s carpet, one of the above methods might help. But some cat trees are made of solid wood, in which case you may need to scrub. Others come with pillows that can be detached and reattached later. In this case, just throw those pillows in the wash.

4. Why is sisal rope the best for their claws?

Your cat has an inane urge to scratch, and as humans we should not take that privilege away from them. The best solution for letting cats scratch to their heart’s content is by giving them plenty of sisal rope. According to Purrfect Post, sisal is the most satisfying choice for cats because it is so natural. It’s made from the Agave plant and they are very sustainable. Plus, sisal is strong, so it can withstand being scratched by your kitty time and time again.

Cheap Cat Trees For Large Cats Wrap Up

Finding an affordable cat tree that is big and sturdy enough for your large cat is important for their overall health and well-being. Whether your cat is an indoor or an outdoor cat, it’s imperative to give them plenty of room to play, scratch, sleep, and claim space for their own.

A cat tree is the perfect installment in your home for your furry friend. Large or small cat trees for large cats can be reinforced for extra sturdiness or they can accommodate additional features you may want to put on it. Either way, your cat is going to be happy with your choice no matter what.

When I find cheap cat trees for large cats, I immediately let my kitties know. If only I knew what they were saying to me in return!

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.