Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

If one (or more) of your cats is a little larger in size, you need the best cat tree for large cats to give them the best chance at getting good exercise while indoors. One of my cats is fluffy and overweight, and he has a hard time fitting on normal cat trees that you’ll find at the local pet store. What I need are sturdy cat trees for large cats and I’m sure that’s what you need, too.

I spent some time on the web looking for the best condo for large cats, or trees that will live up to their weight and size. It’s important for all of our furry friends to have a fun space to call their own. Maintaining the health and comfort of your cat should take top priority.

Top 5 Best Cat Trees For Extra Large Cats

Finding good quality items for larger cats can be an extra challenge, and one in which sturdiness needs to be taken into careful consideration. That being said, here are the top five products that I believe to be top quality on the market today. These are solid options for your extra-fluffy friends.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Choice

1. Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats - Go Pet Club 72 Inch Cat Tree

Why this is our top choice:

  • This large cat tree is doubly reinforced with sturdy bolts and a heavy base to withstand any weight or activity from your cats.
  • There are extra bells and whistles like toy mice and additional climbers to keep your cat entertained for hours.
  • The plush carpeting and bedding areas are large enough for heavy cats to sprawl out and have a relaxing time.
  • 15 different height levels are available so your cat can get the best of the highs and lows of the house.

Check it out on Amazon!

Those of you who have browsed our site before are likely familiar with Go Pet Club. The company is known for its solid manufacturing, especially with its line of cat tree products. This cat tree measures 72” (182cm) in height, giving your furry friend plenty of vertical space to explore. It might be a good option for larger cats due to its sturdy base.

The posts and platforms are also designed in a way that allows you to station the condo up against the wall for extra security, if you have the space for that. No matter how you set it up though, it is bound to provide the perfect stimulation for your big kitty.

I like that this tree comes with a lot of plush carpet space for cats to lay on. It’s a combination of climbing, perching and lounging, which are a cat’s three favorite things to do. At least in the case of my kitties!


  • It is affordable; most cat trees of this size and quality would be triple the price.
  • This condo is designed to be for large or highly active cats, and can withstand a lot of weight and movement.
  • The posts are covered in sisal rope so they can sharpen their claws on their condo instead of on your furniture.
  • It can be customized with over six different color options.


  • The screws loosen over time which makes the tree more wobbly than promised

2. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

Ease of access is another important feature to keep in mind when looking for the best cat tree for large cats. This New Cat Condos model comes with four large, spacious lounge areas that are all easy to access. They are spaced apart like big plush stairs, making it easier for your kitty to get up and down.

There is still a lot of climbing and scratching opportunity with this tall tower. Although there aren’t as many platforms or ladders as some of the other condos in this review.

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats - New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

But what it lacks in diversity, it makes up for in comfort and longevity. My cat’s been a big fan of this one for a very long time. As far as longevity goes, it holds up pretty well.

It’s one of the most comfortable pieces for large cats for certain. And, you can fit it pretty much anywhere in the house. Cats prioritize vertical space over horizontal width. So this might be a good way to give them that option without them having to climb or jump too much.


  • There is solid wood construction through and through, making it very sturdy and hard to topple over.
  • The big plush steps are easy to climb and access, which is ideal for big or overweight cats.
  • There are different carpet colors and textures available so you can match to the style of your home.
  • All parts are hand-crafted in the USA, without the price being too high to reflect that.


  • In some spots, the carpet might come off or need extra glue.

3. Vidagoods 72” Cat Tree Play House Condo

The Vidagoods Cat House Condo is a great choice for larger cats due to its extra reinforcement. It’s quite heavy, but that just makes it all the more sturdy. Plus, it comes in a few different colors and carpet options so you can decide what your kitty likes best.

It’s covered with faux fur carpeting (which is highly rated for cats) and it has a few posts wrapped with sisal so your cat can play all day long. I don’t know about your cats, but mine certainly like to have a lot of different options at their disposal since they get bored easily.

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats - Vidagoods 72 Inch Cat Tree Play House Condo

So having platforms, beds and different toys really helps keep them entertained. Overall, this might be a good place to start if you are still trying to figure out what kind of cat trees for extra large cats work well in your home.

I like it because it gives a little bit of everything, plus the carpeting is incredibly soft which my furry friends love. Give it a try if you need something to keep your cat entertained!


  • The board framework is made with the highest standard industrial particle board to maintain strength and sturdiness.
  • The posts have an extra wide diameter so your cat has more space to play and sharpen her claws on the sisal rope.
  • The package comes with easy assembly instructions so you can complete your cat tree for large cats in 30 minutes or less.


  • Sometimes the very top platforms can be a little unstable, and might need to be reinforced with extra parts.

4. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree

This is one of the tallest sturdy cat trees for large cats on the market. It comes with even more platforms and beds than some of the other models on this list, making it an option for those who have more than one big kitty.

While it’s a little on the pricier side, it makes up for it with all the additional bells and whistles it comes with. Additional features include the battens and fittings that provide it with extra security for your big fluffy kitties.

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats - Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree

The posts are even reinforced so they can lean their weight against the scratchers without toppling the whole thing over. There are a lot of dangling toys on the top levels for cats to play with. It’s a good option if you have multiple large cats who are all interested in different types of play.

You can get a lot from this cat tree, which is extra sturdy for your peace of mind. Cats love to have places to climb and hide, which can improve their health and even their self esteem.


  • The cat condos are extremely roomy and there are over 8 different levels of platforms for them to rest on.
  • FANDREA offers excellent customer service so you can have your questions answered or parts replaced if there is ever an issue.
  • The perches with raised edges keep your cat safe so they can lounge as high up as they want to.
  • The piece comes with additional security measures to keep it steady and in place. So your furry friends can use and abuse it however they want.


  • It is less affordable than some of the other cat trees for large cats.

5. Midwest Homes For Pets Cat Tree

While a little smaller in size than the others on our list, I wanted to include the Midwest Cat Furniture Cat Tree due to its sturdy design and its ability to be placed almost anywhere in the home.

If you have a smaller apartment, this might be a good choice to start out with. There are several features I enjoy about this at tree, including the bed on top and the easy-to-access platforms below.

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats - Mid West Cat Furniture

Cats enjoy all sorts of different levels and heights. So this is a good way to give them more space without having to actually take up any of your own. The four tiers provide plenty of entertainment for your furry friends.

While it is a smaller cat tree, some of the posts are wide and tall, which might make it awkwardly shaped depending on the layout of your room. But your large cats won’t be able to get enough of this large cat condo after they get used to the different jumps and platforms.


  • It is built for extra sturdiness with soft faux fur fabric lining everything your cat touches.
  • There are over five color combinations and design styles to choose from.
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty so that you can get it replaced if something goes wrong.
  • Easy instructions and quick assembly are guaranteed!


  • The scratching post supports that come with this cat tree can run on the large size if you are worried about having enough additional space in your room.

Large Cat Care Tips

Having an oversized kitty can be challenging in some ways, but rewarding in all ways. There’s nothing truly different between your fluffy friend and cats of smaller sizes. But there are a couple things you might want to keep in mind in order for your pet to be more comfortable.

While cats are known for being pretty self-sufficient, they still rely on you for feeding, grooming and environmental enrichment. Here’s how you can make your home - and your cat tree - the most accommodating:

Plan activities for your kitty

Large cats need lots of space or activities to unleash their energy, and you can give that to them by providing them with a cat tree or scratchers for them to enrich themselves. Plus, doing activities together will help you two bond with one another, which is always a wonderful thing.

Purchase the right food

Large cats might need special dietary food or a recipe that offers them all of the most important nutrients that they need. Check out your local pet shop for recommended cat foods and brands.

Groom them often

Kitties shed a lot of fur, even the short-haired ones! One of my cats is short-haired, and the other is quite fluffy and large. I need to brush them regularly or else their fur becomes matted and uncomfortable.

Schedule regular vet appointments

Medical care for your furry loved one is just as important as medical care for yourself. Regular check-ups and vaccinations ensure that your cat is doing well and all set up for a long and healthy life.

How Cat Trees Are Made To Be Sturdy Enough For Your Large Cats

Some cat trees are made of solid wood, which makes them sturdy by nature. Oak cat condos for large cats can have some drawbacks with their weight, however. It can be difficult to assemble or transport a cat condo made entirely from wood, unless you hire professional movers to situate it for you.

However, even cat trees that are partially constructed of wood can offer a fair amount of sturdiness that is sure to keep up with the way your large cat plays. Pressed wood is a lighter-weight option that still keeps cat condos from swaying or wobbling. It’s pretty resilient, offering an easier way for you to put the tree together and be able to transport it.

The fact that so many cat trees come with faux fur over the pressed wood actually makes it sturdier than its original frame. The layer of faux fur is glued to the wooden base, adding more of a buffer against the cat’s movements. It’s like a boxer wearing a glove so he doesn’t hurt his hands.

Most sturdy cat trees for large cats are built with additional battens for support. Battens can attach to the wooden base or the top of the cat tree and be attached to a wall or floor to keep it stable. The battens create an internal balance that allows the tree to be used more roughly without it falling over. This is a good idea for larger cats since they have more weight to throw around

Why Cat Trees For Large Cats Are Important

Felines require somewhere to expend all of their energy, whether inside or outside the house. They also need a space to claim and call their own, as it is their nature to be territorial. Even if your cat isn’t the most active, you might see huge mental and physical health improvements with the purchase of a large cat tree.

Just having somewhere for your furry loved ones to hang out in a place that they can call their own will really get their spirits lifted. This is especially true if you have a large cat who is solely indoors.

It’s okay to keep a cat indoors all the time, but he needs somewhere to let out all of that feline energy. A cat condo with lots of platforms, caves, scratching posts and dangling toys is the perfect way to give him the enrichment he deserves.

My Favorite Large Cat Tree Brands

You may be familiar with quite a few top-quality cat tree brands already, but I want to make a list of some of my favorites. If you need a place to start your research, you can begin with my recommended brands below:

Go Pet Club

One of the top rated cat tree manufacturers, Go Pet Club specializes in high quality cat condos and cat trees that actually look like trees. Most of their products are made with real or pressed wood, with sisal-covered posts and fake leaves dangling down. They rank pretty high in the industry for their cat trees, providing a variety of size and enrichment options for your furry friend.

New Cat Condos

New Cat Condos specializes in large cat trees for your felines who are on the fluffier side. All of their products are double reinforced with wod, faux fur lining and sisal rope. They give loving pet owners a chance to spoil their feline friends with a wide range of options, from small to big. You can even make a custom order by contacting them online.


While not exclusively a pet product company, VidaGoods is known for quality with their large number of items. They manufacture sturdy cat trees that can definitely take a beating, and are recommended for larger cats. Along with cat trees, they also have other pet toys and pet comfort items in stock. As well as household items that you might find useful for your home.

MidWest Homes For Pets

MidWest Homes For Pets is a huge manufacturer of cat trees, pet cages, dog beds and more. They specialize in everything that is built for the comfort of your pet. Their cat trees always come highly recommended, and they even have assembly instructions available online. You can sort by item or breed size to find the perfect cat condo.


FEANDREA is a pet product wholesaler with high-quality products through and through. They make a number of beds, crates, cages, and of course, cat condos for large cats. Their cat trees are always top of the line in sturdiness and longevity. There are other specialty items for cats and large cats that can make your loved one feel nurtured and supported.

Large Cat Care FAQs

1. Is my cat overweight?

Cats who are large aren’t necessarily overweight. Cats come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. However, it’s important not to be a neglectful owner by helping your cat stay at whatever weight is most comfortable for her. Something you can do to regulate this is to establish a meal plan, rather than to let her eat whenever she pleases.

2. Do large cats need more exercise than small cats?

All cats need exercise to be happy and healthy. That’s why cat condos are such a good idea. But it really depends on the particular physical needs of your cat. The average cat needs a good few hours of energy-spending playtime throughout the day to feel satisfied. And to keep that metabolism running strong. Not only is playing with your cat super fun, but it also keeps them alive and well!

3. What is fat, and what is fluffy?

Fat cats are those who have been diagnosed as overweight by a vet. Some cat breeds are much larger than others, and have much longer hair. This may give the appearance of fatness, while the majority of their size can just be from their layers of fur. A good way to test this out is to see whether or not you can feel your cat’s ribs through their fur. If you can, then everything is great (of course, you don’t want your cat to be so thin that you can actually see the ribs).

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats Wrap Up

Our cats are our special children and come in all shapes of fat and fluffy. Larger cats have a lot of energy to spend and they would love to be in an enriching environment with those who love them the most.

The best cat tree for large cats is one that will give your cat hours of entertainment and a healthy amount of exercise. The cat condos on this list are meant to give you an idea of what to expect when looking for cat condos for large cats. Let us know what ends up working best for your special furry loved one!

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.

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