Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree Buyers Guide

Your kitty is an important part of the family, and deserves the best of the best! And if you’re anything like me, you already have piles of quality cat toys, treats and food supplies to keep your furry friend happy and loved. One of my cat’s favorite items to play with is his cat tree. He can climb to different heights and relax in his very own space. So why not get your pet a cat tree that looks like a tree?

An actual tree-shaped piece of kitty furniture would drive your feline friend nuts with love. We did some research to find the very best cat trees that look like a tree on the market today. From large to small, here are the best tree shaped cat condos around.

Top 6 Tree-Shaped Cat Condos

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Choice

1. On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree - On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

Why this is our top choice:

  • The most realistic tree-shaped cat tree that provides shade and comfort to your feline friend
  • Most parts are made in the USA with high manufacturing standards and quality control
  • Seeks to satisfy, rather than fight against the cat’s urge to be among nature with real pressed wood and artificial leaves
  • Comes with a variety of sizes and base shapes to choose from

Check it out on Amazon!

A cute addition to anybody’s living room, this On2Pets tree-shaped cat house is an awesome way to marry decoration and function. Kitties love feeling like they are out in nature, hiding amongst the branches.

This treehouse will give them a new sense of self and exploration. (Even New York Magazine boasts about this one!)  On2Pets is a very reputable brand with a knack for making unique and fun pet products, and this treehouse is no exception.


  • Choose between green or alternate “summer” tree colors for a variety of leaves to freshen the look of your cat’s condo
  • It only takes 15 minutes to put together, with easy-to-read instructions
  • A combination of USA-made and imported materials make it both affordable and high-quality
  • There are a variety of platforms to offer different levels of height to your furry friend


  • The base can be a bit wobbly and needs to be secured in place with the included pole

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Cats always seem to be in so much bliss when they are nuzzled up in their favorite hiding space. These animals love places where they can climb, hide and be stealthy to sneak up on unsuspecting victims (usually you).

While this multi-level cat condo might not be as literally tree-shaped as the previous item, your cat will feel the realness of it all the same. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree comes in a variety of different colors and styles, so you can find something that parallels the existing decor of your home.

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree - Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

It’s stable enough for multiple cats to use it at once, so you can ensure that this one investment will be enough for the whole family. Texture-wise, it comes with a little bit of everything, letting your kitty decide what should be scratched or laid upon.

This condo uses tall vertical shapes to resemble a thicket or a forest, while also making it sleek and modern enough to fit your decorative style. It’s a cat tree that looks like a tree and can actually be used like one by your furry friends.


  • The tree is covered with natural sisal rope, which cats will enjoy scratching with their claws
  • Fake leaves and faux fur line the poles and platforms, giving your pet a true sense of nature
  • Choose from a variety of shapes and colors, with more platforms, tunnels, or hanging tree vines
  • Pressed wood adds another natural touch and makes the whole piece easy to assemble
  • It is built to accommodate larger-sized cats and will not topple over or wobble


  • Depending on the style and shape you choose, some of the stairs and access ladders may be too thin for larger cats to climb on

3. Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

The line of Kitty Mansions forest trees got a revamp with a new redwood-inspired cat tree. This is a multi-use cat treehouse that looks like a tree. It’s known to easily hold 2-3 cats at a time, with several different platforms to lay in and leafy hiding spots to claim.

A nice bonus feature that comes with this redwood cat tree that the others don’t have is the extra posts. You can save up your replacement posts for the day when your cat finally claws one of the tree trunks to death. Then you can swiftly give her a new one to play with.

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree - Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

The fake leaves are bushy and come in vines to give a more jungle-like appearance. It has just enough stimulation to keep your cat entertained without overwhelming them.

The high-quality construction of the item might put it higher up in the price range. For a lot of kitties it makes up for it with its range of features and decorative quality. The perches may be too high for some skittish pets to get used to, although I’ve found the entire structure to be quite stable.


  • The wood and cloth materials are all of high-quality construction which increases the longevity of a toy like this
  • It’s one of the tallest cat trees on the list with a height of 6 ¼’
  • The fabric is very lush and can put up with abuse from cat claws without ripping apart to reveal the wood below
  • There are good customer support options from Kitty Mansions to offer warranties and assist you with anyquestions
  • Its larger size can accommodate more weight and height than cheaper, store-bought cat trees
  • Full assembly can be done in under 20 minutes


  • You have to wrap the fake leafy vines around the posts yourself, and some customers do not like that
  • It does not take to water well, and outdoor use is not recommended

4. Kitty Mansions 78” Amazon Cat Tree

If the previous Kitty Mansions cat condo looked like the redwoods, then this one represents the Amazon rainforest. Wide canopies and perches hidden under the shade of platforms and leaves make it a real nature escape for your kitty cat. My cat loves to hide in little caves, no matter if they’re low to the ground or high in the air - and this one has both!

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree - Kitty Mansions 78 Inch Cat Tree

Alternatively, you can find this tree in different colors (white and light brown) if you want to go for more of a modern look. It will still look and feel like a tree to your pet no matter what. It’s a little more expensive than the others on this list, largely due to the quality of construction materials and its sheer size.

It’s hard to go wrong with Kitty Mansions. Each cat tree feels like a regular furniture installation, and your kitties will be happy having a comfortable place to call their own.


  • This is a sturdy cat tree that won’t topple when your cats play roughly or climb to the very top of it
  • It’s guaranteed to last for many years no matter how much your cats use and abuse the condo
  • You can replace the posts with alternative textures and colors depending on what your cat is most interested in
  • Unlike other cat trees, this one includes three hammocks as alternative laying spaces for your little loved ones


  • Some parts of the structure cannot come apart, such as the posts that secure the hammocks in place. So deconstruction may be out of the picture

5. Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Cat Tree

Need to make the most out of a smaller space? That’s what I really like about this slim cat tree by Downtown Pet Supply. It gives good height and still provides a lot of places for the kitties to play around while reducing a lot of the width and bulkiness that the others have.

It wins the award for tallest on this list, measuring up to 97.5” - over 8’! There’s a plush coating covering the pressed wood platforms so the cats have somewhere to sharpen their claws.

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree - Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Cat Tree

Speaking of claw sharpening, the entire pole is wrapped with sisal rope, which can withstand cat claws all day long. My little one loves to run up to the post, scratch her paws fervently up and down the sisal rope, and then jump on the platform with a loud “meow”!

I find this tree to be decently priced for the amount of length and cat-friendly material you get. There is little to no wobble, so it’s a safe choice.


  • It’s both slim and high, giving your cat plenty of space to explore while still keeping the condo out of the way
  • The sisal rope stimulates the cat’s feral instincts, making them want to scratch it and get regular exercise
  • For extra-tall condos and extra-low ceilings, there is a convenient mechanism that can attach the tree to your ceiling to keep it sturdy
  • Fake grass material covers the platforms and leaves curl around the sisal posts to make your indoor cat feel like she’s outdoors


  • Depending on how much your cats scratch it, the tree can tend to get a bit messy and requires sweeping around the area

6. Kitty Mansions Honolulu Cat Tree

Everyone deserves a beautiful beach retreat - especially your cats! This multi-tiered cat tree is designed to look like a little piece of kitty paradise. With vines of fake leaves and wooden posts covered in sisal rope to resemble real trees. Most cat climbers that look like trees offer a bit more in the way of leaves and vines.

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Cat Tree - Kitty Mansions Honolulu Cat Tree

This one is kind of scarce, but there is still some greenery here. And it is natural enough to bring out your cat’s inner sense of nature while blending in nicely with the other furniture in your house.

It is a little on the pricier side, especially if it isn’t guaranteed to come with a hole or a ladder for the kitties to reach the very top level. But if you are in the market for quality construction and hours of entertainment guaranteed for your kitties, you can’t go wrong.


  • Replacement sisal posts are available so your cat is welcome to claw their way through as many as they wish
  • The instructions for assembly are pretty easy to follow
  • Sturdy, dense fabric holds together and is resistant to tearing, so your cat can lay or play on the platforms without ruining it
  • The construction materials are sturdy and made from products that are built to last


  • Some models do not come with an easy way for the cats to access the top platform without some custom modification

What To Look For In The Best Tree-Like Cat Climbers

Although a cat tree that looks like a tree is a highly specialized item, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t cheap knockoffs or bad products out there. We do not recommend sacrificing cost for hard plastics or toxic materials that may not be a good idea to put near your cat’s mouth.

However, it shouldn’t be too hard to narrow down your options to a cat condo that’s of good quality and a fair price. Most items on the market are reasonable, and the ones listed above go to show that there is a lot of variety out there.

Overall, the key factors you should look for when looking for your next tree shaped cat tree include:

Safety and Security For Your Cat

This goes without saying, but your cat’s comfort and health should be the ultimate priority. If the cat tree does not appear stable or easily accessible by your furry loved one, then perhaps you should seek out other options.


Of course price plays an important role in choosing a cat condo as well. Most of the high-quality, reliably-branded cat trees (that look like trees) fall into a price range that speaks to its standard without making you break the bank.

Space Size

How big is your home? Do you have a spacious living room that will allow you to have a cat jungle on one side? Or perhaps you are living in a flat, and need something that can nestle in the corner while still being neat and attractive for your cat. Many cat trees are tall, but sizing options are available.

Needs and Preferences Of Your Cat

Aside from safety, what does your cat enjoy the most? How do they like to play? Are they more interested in climbing or hiding? Are they less physically inclined to climb, or perhaps they cannot move very well? This will determine what tree will work well for your cat specifically.

What Additional Features Should Be Considered?

Think about the benefits of having a cat condo over other forms of cat toys. Not only is this space for them to explore, play and even sleep, but it also keeps them distracted from other furniture around the house. If your cat likes to claw your couches and chairs, then a cat tree investment may be worth your while.

Even Business Insider knows that “The best way to ensure that your cat gets some exercise and entertainment without scratching your furniture to bits is to buy him a cat tree”.

You can also make your decision based on brand recognition. Later on, we’ll talk about some of our favorite cat tree brands, some of which you may have already seen with the products above. Knowing how reputable and high-quality a company is can really influence your decision toward or against a certain product.

How To Make Sure Your Cat LOVES Their New Tree

Did you finally invest in a new cat tree, and yet your cat just won’t give it the time of day? All of that work putting it together and buying it just for them, and they don’t really seem to be all that interested. There are a few ways that you can entice your kitty to start loving that tree-like cat tree.

  • Use Catnip. If your cat has had catnip before, and you know she loves it. Then go ahead and sprinkle some all over the various spots on the tree where you want her to climb. She will definitely fall for it, and she’ll enjoy a delicious pick-me-up that will make the tree her new favorite place in town.
  • Use Toys And Treats. If catnip isn’t your cat’s thing, then maybe she will respond to her favorite dangling toys. Slowly urge her towards the cat condo by dangling the toy higher and higher, gradually, until she can reach the top platform. Her new comfort with the tree will know no bounds!

Vet Street has come up with the “5 Simple Strategies” for getting your kitty to love the tree. Which may be resourceful if your cat just refuses to go near the thing.

Best Cat Condo Brands For Your Furry Loved One

There are a lot of good pet toy manufacturers that always keep customers smiling, and that is what’s most important when it comes to building a reliable brand. Knowing a little bit about good brands, I wanted to recommend some of the best cat condo brands to look for when you’re shopping for the best cat climbers that look like trees.

Kitty Mansions

Kitty Mansions is an award-winning company, specializing in realistic cat trees. Needless to say, there are a number of Kitty Mansions products on our top 6 list for a reason. They know what cats need and love:

Downtown Pet Supply

A mega pet retailer, Downtown Pet Supply has a wide range of products and provides just about everything for cats and dogs. They are not known specifically for cat trees, but all of their products are quality.


On2Pets specializes in modern-looking cat furniture, so their top cat tree really fits right into their whole aesthetic. They want everything to look real, natural and simple. Their products can stand the test of time as well.

Go Pet Club

This is a smaller company specializing in beautifully ornate cat trees and climbers, as well as dog crates. Everything is really well made, from the unique design to the level of enjoyment pets get out of them.


Armarkat is a U.S.-based company specializing in finely-made cat trees and furniture. Everything is pretty high end and they offer replacement parts on just about every component of your cat tree.

Top Cat Tree FAQs

1. Why Buy A Cat Tree?

Cat trees aren’t just elaborate purchases that show your affection for your feline. They are actually great for your indoor home environment as well. Cats love to climb, in fact they thrive on it. There usually aren’t a lot of places to climb in a human household. So the least we can do as their guardian is to give them more vertical spaces. This will help them feel more at home.

2. Do Cat Trees Help Timid Cats?

Timid cats often have trouble adjusting to the home on a level that makes them comfortable, for whatever reason. Getting them a cat tree can be a wonderful way to make them feel safer and more at ease with their environment. This is especially helpful if you put some of their food or favorite toys on the tree. The familiar scents will entice the cat to explore a new area where they won’t be bothered or pushed away.

3. What If I Have Multiple Cats?

Most large cat trees and perches - especially the ones listed in our top 6 review - have plenty of spaces for multiple cats to relax at once. Every cat has different relationship dynamics with other cats. Having lots of room for them to be apart can help them feel more friendly towards each other. They can claim their own spaces and be at peace with their territory.

4. Are Fake Leaves Safe For Cats To Eat?

Obviously, cat trees that look like real trees come with layers and vines of fake leaves, which provide texture and realism to the entire cat condo look. Each part of the high-quality cat condos are made with care, and with reliable brands, nothing is toxic for your pet. Some cats like to chew leaves, even fake ones. These leaves shouldn’t cause an issue.

Best Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree Wrap Up

It’s true when they say that art is inspired by nature. Cat condos that look like trees are designed with a cat’s true comfort in mind, and it’s great to be able to give them that gift to express their natural instincts.

Plus, the appearance of greenery can always liven up a room. It doesn’t matter if the leaves are real or fake; everybody is happy when plants and trees are around.

Cats deserve to have as much freedom and space as possible. They are roaming creatures that love to expend energy and go on the prowl. Climbing and hiding is their nature, and getting a cat tree that looks like a tree is a great way to blend both natural and indoor environments.

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.

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