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The best cat trees for multiple cats are those that show promise in both quality and affordability. But most importantly of all, the best cat trees are those that give the most enjoyment to your furry friends.

Our cats deserve the best of the best and that’s why we wanted to put together a review of the best cat trees that multiple cats can enjoy.

Some cat condos are really only designed to hold the weight and movement of one cat, but there are plenty of high-quality cat trees that are built to withstand all of your feline friends at once. Some pet owners struggle to find cat trees for big cats as well, especially when there are three or four in the house.

We think every kitty deserves to have a cat condo tree that suits them perfectly. Have your pets take a look at these cat trees for multiple cats and let us know what they think!

Top 5 Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

To find our absolute favorite cat trees for multiple cats, we took a list of key considerations and narrowed down the condos that fit all of the items on our checklist. We look for important qualities such as price, brand reliability, material makeup, sturdiness and much more. Here’s what we’ve found!

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Choice

1. FEANDREA Sturdy Cat Tree

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats - FEANDREA Sturdy Cat Tree

Why this is our top choice:

  • One of the safest and sturdiest cat trees available for three or more cats to play with all day long
  • Spacious sizes with plenty of room for your kitties to play, nap, or lounge about
  • Additional features include an anti-toppling strap which will keep it from falling over, no matter how rough your cats play
  • More than 8 levels of height for cats to jump and climb between, giving them the most usable space for the dollars spent

Check it out on Amazon!

With so many different compartments for cats to explore and enjoy, this heavy-duty cat tree by FEANDREA is our top choice for a lot of reasons. Not only does it provide an extra-large space for all of your furry friends (or for one really large furry friend), but it also comes equipped with extra measures to ensure that the tree stays sturdy no matter what.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly look for safety as one of the top priorities. My cats love to get wild in the evenings, and all of that climbing and scratching would easily topple anything less sturdy than this condo. If your cats are like mine, they’ll definitely get the most enjoyment out of something that can handle a lot of use and abuse.

Overall, this condo takes the win for quality and entertainment value. There’s a lot of diversity with the different platforms, cubbies, scratching posts, and sleeping areas, so there’s a little bit of something for every cat.


  • There are so many different components to pique your cats’ interests that they will leave your expensive furniture alone!
  • All of the posts are covered with sisal rope for them to scratch away at.
  • Every centimeter is lined with quality soft plush and certified board material to keep up with the wear and tear your cats might put on it.
  • It is very easy to assemble!


  • It is one of the more expensive cat tree condos on our list.

2. FEANDREA Cat Tree For Large Cats

Another quality FEANDREA piece, this condo is a bit smaller in size from our previous item, but just as comfortable and sturdy. This is an especially good product if your furry friends are a little fluffier around the edges - if you know what I mean.

Some of my cats are large and need extra support when it comes to climbing poles and jumping across platforms. That’s why I’m happy this cat condo exists, which provides just enough space for two or three cats to rest comfortably!

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats - FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

Plus, there are additional battens at the bottom so you can keep the condo supported at all times. You can double-fit the tree anywhere in your house for extra security. And the padded lining can absorb impact, so your cat’s weight won’t have as much of a bearing on the structure.

This modern cat tree is one of the biggest sellers on the cat tree market today, making it a solid choice for your cat’s next playhouse. It’s a great size for multiple cats without becoming an obstacle in your home.


  • It’s built in a dual-condo style so multiple cats can enjoy it at once.
  • There are anti-toppling fittings that can provide extra security if your cats are extra playful!
  • The top perch has raised edges and a wide platform, making it safer than most other cat trees when it comes to stability at the top level of the structure.
  • FEANDREA provides consistent customer service in case you have any issue with your cat tree.


  • You might need to acquire additional tools to complete assembly.

3. Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree

This huge cat tree is a lot to take in for human eyes, but just imagine how your cats will feel! They will be overwhelmed, for sure - but in a good way. They won’t be able to wait to get their paws on the multi-tiered scratching posts, hanging mouse toys, and plush ladders for ease of access to different levels.

It’s easy enough to put together on your own, as assembly instructions are included. It has everything that all of your cats could want, plus plenty of room for them to each have their own space without getting in each others’ way.

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats - Go Pet Club 72 Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club is another one of my all-time favorite brands (and I’ll say more about that later), and it is surprisingly one of the most affordable trees on the list.

Despite its warnings against sturdiness, I feel like this is still one of the more large and solid pieces you’ll find on the market today. It’s a good cat tree for multiple cats because of all the different play and sleep options there are, and the range of varying heights. If your cats like to play rough, I would just keep an eye on them.


  • At over 182 cm high, there is plenty of vertical space for your cats to explore and be entertained by new heights.
  • There are over 6 different colors to choose from including beige, black, and white.
  • This extra-large tree is made with the comfort of multiple cats in mind, so there is more room than with the trees you’ll find at your local pet store.


  • The most active cats might cause it to wobble around a little bit.

4. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo With Scratching Post

SONGMICS is an extension of FEANDREA, providing “exclusive luxury for cats” - that’s their tag line. In all honesty, I couldn’t agree more - the quality of these cat trees is unmatched. No matter how many feline friends you have in the house, they will all have a place to call their own whether that’s on the top platform, nestled in the hammock, or over a scratching post.

I personally look for cool cat trees that have a variety of options for playing and laying. Some cats like to play with the dangling toys, while others are fans of ripping up the material underneath them.

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats - SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo With Scratching Post

Regardless of how your kitties like to play, they will really like one of the newest models by FEANDREA.

Overall, it is one of the highest quality trees for the price (and the price is very affordable). If you have cats that can’t decide where they want to sleep or cats that love a mix of both height and depth, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this quality cat furniture.


  • It’s top of the line of luxury condos for cats, with security battens and extra plush carpets to provide extra safety measures.
  • Assembly is super easy, as most parts are already pre-assembled for you.
  • You can add or remove the dangling toys depending on what kind of mood your cats are in.
  • Specialized customer service is available, and they will cater to your individual needs.


  • A couple of the scratching posts may have sharp edges or extra materials sticking out that should be cut off before your cat goes near it.

5. Armarkat B5301 Ivory Cat Tree

This cat condo is more sleek and modernized than the others, making it a good option if you don’t have tons of room in your home. But for having a lack of space, you can make up for it vertically. Cats love structures with lots of height, and this piece of furniture gives them lots of different places to explore and lounge.

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats - Armarkat B5301 Ivory Cat Tree

It’s recommended for three or more cats, no matter their size. It’s stable enough to let your cats play the way nature intended. There are a few different colors available which make it look great in any room.

There is a little bit of maintenance required for this piece, but its size and elegance makes up for it. If you have less space in your house to deal with, this is a good-sized condo that will still provide plenty of room for all of your kitties.


  • The pressed wood isn’t just a nice touch, it also helps keep the furniture stable and doesn’t injure your cat’s claws when she scratches it.
  • The instruction manual and tools come with the package so even beginners can put it all together.
  • This cat tree is made to last for several years, getting you more than your money’s worth.


  • Some of the screws and bolts may need to be checked on and fixed every so often.

What Makes A Quality Cat Tree?

Every cat owner knows that your furry loved ones deserve a lot of space for themselves in order for them to feel happy and comfortable in their home. While they are domesticated, they are still animals, and animals need lots of space to roam and play. Giving them their own special place where they can let out all of their energy (without tearing up all the furniture in the house) is a win-win for everybody!

It’s true, even the CANIDAE cat food company agrees that “giving the kitty his own space is an essential component of peaceful co-existence”. That being said, not just any old cat tree will do. You need to make sure you’re investing in quality materials so your kitty can have the best experience and a prolonged life.

As you know, we don’t own our cats - they own us! Let them tell you what’s most important. Some of the essential components of a quality cat tree include:


There are lots of cat-friendly surfaces for scratching, but you’d be surprised to know that some cheaper cat products use un-friendly boards and carpets. Your cat definitely needs something to sink his claws in, but shouldn’t it be something that’s actually good for him? Plush carpets, pressed board, and sisal rope are all good materials to be on the lookout for.


If your cat trees for multiple cats can’t handle the rocking and rolling that your cats do while they play on it, then it might not be a quality tree. Make sure it either comes with extra supports, or it’s hefty enough to support even the fattest, roughest cat!


As you can see from our reviews above, there are endless shapes and sizes of cat condos! You need to find something that not only meshes well with the size and style of your home, but also that fits your cats’ personalities the best. Some of them love to be underground, while others like to climb up high. Let your furry friends tell you what they need!

How To Make The Most Of Your Cat Tree

Pet owners who may be new to caring for feline friends might be wondering about the usefulness of a cat tree to begin with. Is one really necessary? Are there alternative toys that can keep cats just as satisfied? The short answer is no: there’s nothing quite like a cat tree that can keep your cats happy and satisfied.

Not only is it good for the sake of your expensive furniture (keeping those sharp claws away), but it’s actually necessary to have a place for cats to sharpen their claws (that’s what The Fluffy Kitty says, and we agree)! If they don’t have a dedicated spot, they’ll find somewhere you don’t want them scratching. They need their own space to call home where they can do everything: play, scratch, and sleep.

Make the most of this space by giving them all of their favorite things. Stack toys in the cubbies. Spread catnip on the platforms. Offer them treats so they don’t need to be afraid of this strange new structure in their home. And, let them play with it however they want!

Additional Features To Look For

Most of the high-quality cat condos on our list are already equipped with a variety of features to keep your cats happy and entertained for a good number of years. But when you are looking for the best cat trees for multiple cats, there are some extra considerations to take into account. Make sure you spend some extra time looking for:

Sturdiness Options

You’ll need some extra support to fix to either your ceiling, floor, or walls in order to keep the cat condo stable for all of your kitties.

Padded Material

Even the lining of the carpets and pressed wood will need extra layers of protection so your cats can really dig into it without destroying what you’ve just paid for.

Sisal Rope

If the scratching posts aren’t covered with sisal, you may need to double-check the material. Sisal is all-natural, and it is the best material for your cats to scratch which actually helps your claws instead of hurting them.

Remember that you have multiple cats to consider, so something that may work great for a solo cat might not be the best option for all of your cats at once.

Our Favorite Cat Tree Brands

Let’s face it; some cat tree brands are more valuable than others. I want to show you some of my personal favorite cat condo brands that I think provide the best value for the price, as well as quality in materials.


One of the highest-recommended brands on the online market, FEANDREA specializes in luxury furniture products for cats and dogs. Their cat condos and climbing trees are especially popular, and they focus particularly on safety and quality as their first priorities

Go Pet Club

Specializing in beautiful tree shaped cat trees, Go Pet Club offers a lot of stability and security for multiple cats. Due to their elegance, the cat tree products are a little bit higher priced than some other brands, but they make up for it with a promise that your cats will have lots of fun in their new home.


Armarkat produces top-of-the-line cat products, specializing in trees. You can find items of all shapes and sizes. Their cat condos in particular are built for multiple cats, offering extra spaces like cubbies and hammocks for those felines who are more restful than playful. I like the diversity of options you can get with this brand.


SONGMICS is actually a wholesale furniture manufacturer and doesn’t just specialize in pet products. However, their luxury line of cat trees is a bargain for the quality and uniqueness. Their trees come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find something that fits both your kitties and your home.

Cat Condo FAQs

We want to take a minute to address some of the most frequently asked questions about cat trees for multiple cats, in order to help pet owners find the best choice for their fluffy friends.

1. Are Cat Condos Suitable For Large Cats?

Thankfully, high-quality cat trees are built to last even if all of your cats are larger in size. The ones that come with battens or security straps should be among your first considerations so you can be sure that your cat isn’t going anywhere (and neither is the tree!)

2. Are Cat Tree Parts Safe For Cats To Eat And Scratch?

Some cats are a little more curious than others. And although they always say “curiosity killed the cat”, we aren’t trying to get any cats killed here. But they should still be able to satisfy their curious urges without getting into any danger. The products reviewed above are all guaranteed to be safe when it comes to the materials cats come in contact with. The plush carpeting and sisal rope can be chewed or scratched safely.

3. How Can Cat Trees Be Cleaned?

I recommend using a wet cloth with some mild soap in areas that have been dirtied. However, keep in mind that most of the poles and platforms have wood underneath, so that can change what cleaning methods are best.

4. How Easy Is Cat Tree Assembly?

When you buy a cat tree online, it is likely shipped to you in parts, and it will need to be put together in person once it arrives at your house. But don’t fret - assembly is really easy! All of the high-quality cat condos come with instructions and all of the tools you’ll need to put it together successfully.

5. Can My Cat Tree Go Outdoors?

Most cat trees are not recommended for outdoor use. It is best to keep cat condos indoors. However, you can decide what area of the home is safest both for your cats and for the materials of the cat tree itself.

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats Wrap Up

Finding a quality cat tree that’s big and stable enough for all of your cats is not too challenging if you know where to look. When it’s up to me, I prioritize safety and sturdiness above style. My cats love having lots of vertical layers and platforms for them to jump around.

Occasionally, they will sleep on it as well. It really is like a house for them and that should speak to the importance of finding the best one for them. The best cat trees for multiple cats are those that will give your cats the most satisfaction possible.

Hello! I'm Jeanie and as the name implies I’m absolutely crazy about cats. I have two boys of my own, Roger and Doogle who are both extremely affectionate, love their tummy scratches and have too much energy most days in my opinion. I love all things cat related and really enjoy investigating and trying out all the different types of cat toys, trees and gadgets on my two mischief makers.